Antalya; A beautiful city. In the city center and close to the city center, there are all kinds of places that can appeal to you. Many places in the city center: you can visit on foot. In any case: the city center is usually built around the Ataturk Square and you can walk to this area, Kaleici district and marina area. But of course it is a good idea to choose the hours after sunrise, not the hottest hours of the day. Lets talk about Turkey holidays Antalya

The most important thing here is that you stay and prefer to stay in your city. So: as I have said several times: If you prefer to visit historical places, you can plan your trip accordingly. If your preference is natural beauty, then of course you have to make your own plan accordingly. But, if you prefer shopping, Antalya can offer you alternatives in this regard. Of course, there are opportunities for those who have fun. So: in my itinerary that I will give you: you can create a itinerary for your stay in Antalya and your preferences.

In the itinerary I give only the names of the places you wanted to visit. You will find detailed information on the following pages:

In the morning you can go to the Düden waterfall. Here: You must drive by car. So: it is not possible to walk. It is on the way to Antalyas Ringstraße, so to Alanya. About; You can stay there for 2-3 hours. You can eat your lunch there in a restaurant and then leave after lunch; You can park your car once in the city center and go to the marina and visit the Yachthafen. In the evening you can take a short walk around the yacht harbor by driving on one of the cruise ships. In return, you can re-evaluate your time at the marina and end the day. Do not forget to go on a yacht cruise on the yacht harbor. The prices of today’s yachts are between 25-30 TL.

Morning: You can go to “Kurşunlu Waterfall” on Alanya Street. You must also go here by car.

You can have lunch there and after lunch you can drive back to the “Lara Beach Park”. Here you can go to the sea and complete the day. There are umbrellas, deckchairs and even larger, wood and upholstered areas. You can rent these on a daily basis. But as I said, there is no activity in the Lara beach area, relatively quiet, quiet and funny. But there is a very nice “Sand-Sculptor” exhibition, which can be seen here. You might be interested. The sea suddenly deepened. The beach is a fine pebble-sand mixture, but the sand is more lively. The most important feature: the cleanliness of the sea should go to the Konyaalti beach area, which is a recreation artist, and the Lara beach area, which is regarded as quiet.

In the city you can make a nice trip on foot. Perhaps you can try to eat a tarantula with a restaurant in the castle. Because this place is famous for the piyazı, that is the regional taste.

Also; Do not forget to take jam from the town center (especially fig jam). Ataturk Monument in downtown, Yivli Minaret, Hadrian Gate, Ataturk Park, Antalya Archeology Museum can be visited. Especially: in the center of the city, where the Ataturk Monument is located, a beautiful square and a traffic regulation has been created in recent years. There is no access to vehicles here, as well as pools and water beauties.

The governor’s building was taken back, with a nice pool at the same time, and a large covered parking garage at the bottom. Here: I can easily visit, but especially when I go on May 2012, I do not go to the section “Doner’s Bazaar”, which is next to this place, not to say that the attitudes of the restaurant waiters jump in front of you and leave you In are not nice. I have met and criticized this in the country of Morocco, it is not very nice to see these people who are in my country, that is, they want to put people in their restaurants by holding their arms.

As for Ataturk Park; This park, which runs along Konyaalti Caddesi, was organized in the 1980s. You can also walk here from the city center. From here; Antalya city and Konyaaltı beaches and the Taurus Mountains have a unique view. Lonely; Park in recent years; Newly designed and newly opened public areas with spectacular views. There are different places where all kinds of music are played. The places where you can sip coffee, tea or your drink, and the restaurants where you can eat if you wish. Entry of the vehicle. But within the park; Especially on hectic days, both vehicle traffic and parking, big problem. If you think about going, especially in the evening, I would recommend.

On the same day, yes, after lunch: you can go to the “Migros” shopping center in the western part of the city. It is not possible to reach here on foot, you have to drive a public transport. In 2001 this service was made available to the public: in addition to the increase in tourism potential in Antalya.

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