Tunisia apartment rental – A magical destination!

Highlights of Tunisia, a very hospitable country with old traditions and a rich history from the year before our calculations. With a wonderful location on the Gulf of Hammamet, Tunisia and the Mediterranean Sea is ideal for an unforgettable holiday. Tunisia Holiday!

A cheap holiday to Tunisia

A cheap holiday to Tunisia offers something for everyone. Sun worshipers can head on one of the numerous beaches, which is Tunisia’s rich. For the real culture lovers among us, there are several destinations in Tunisia that we really recommend. In addition to the famous resorts of Sousse, Monastir & Skanes, Hammamet and Port El Kantaoui, Corendon offers many excursions, from a camel ride through the Sahara to diving excursions in the Gulf of Hammamet.

Tunisia Holiday Land Information

Climate of Tunisia

Tunisia is influenced by the Mediterranean, the Sahara and the Atlas Mountains. As a result, the country also has three climate zones: the north has a Mediterranean climate, in the south has the hot desert climate and in the middle dominates the cool and damp steppe climates. In the summer months warm weather in Tunisia guaranteed. Rain does not rain and in summer the maximum temperatures in the Mediterranean on average between 30 and 35 degrees.

The Language of Tunisia

The official language in Tunisia is Arabic the spoken form differs significantly from the language of the scriptures. The spoken language in Tunisia is an Arabic dialect, which varies depending on the region, which may vary. The French occupation French is still widely used in management and marketing. In addition, the younger generation speaks very good English.

Hotels and Apartments in Tunisia

Corendon offers a unique selection of hotels and apartments in Tunisia. Offer everything from luxury apartments on a bed and breakfast to the most comfortable ultra all inclusive hotels. All accommodations are selected with great care to provide you with sincere, an indifferent holiday in Tunisia!

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