Our Eastern neighbors are more than “Beer and Bradwurst” everyone knows now, but where do you really have it? We accompany you to enjoy the most beautiful places in Germany – a wonderful destination for your holiday!

Let’s talk about Trip to Germany.

Large forests in Germany

In Germany you will find extraordinary forests, perfect if you are to sniff with the family again something to the fresh air. Nice all together on an adventure! And just behind the border shows immediately on the hills, just think of the Eifel and Sauerland Hunsrück. Very special are the beech forests in Germany UNESCO-protected – through human interventions the old flatland beech forests have disappeared almost everywhere in Europe except here.

Cities & Beaches of Germany

But if you are strolling through a quaint town feel like home. In Germany you can read the ancient cities as an architectural book: medieval half-timbered houses, Gothic, Baroque – you will find everything here. Beach lovers will also get their money’s worth here: how about the German Wattenmeer or the beautiful islands in the Baltic Sea? Also for children holiday in the Eemmeer you in Germany in the right place. In the Mecklenburg Lake District you will not be bored. Rent a boat and go!

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