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Bremen Germany

Bremen Bremerhaven together form the smallest of the 16 German federal states. Although the Hansestadt Bremen has more than half a million inhabitants, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. Charlemagne of Bremen in 787 a bishop’s town. After the city on the Weser was connected to the Hanse in 1260, more prosperity and traders were …


Berlin Holiday

Berlin, the city that was once known for its divorce, because of its fascinating history and architecture, is now a steadfast unity and a very modern metropolis where you can experience the unique German lifestyle and the many museums, public squares and festivals of the city. The German capital has about 3.5 million inhabitants and …


Trip to Germany

Our Eastern neighbors are more than “Beer and Bradwurst” everyone knows now, but where do you really have it? We accompany you to enjoy the most beautiful places in Germany – a wonderful destination for your holiday! Let’s talk about Trip to Germany. Large forests in Germany In Germany you will find extraordinary forests, perfect if …