For many it is the most beautiful Spanish city, a city where you can stroll in peace, sports such as cycling and surfing, a city where the food is good something normal and not visit these days to find parties since the 9th to the 16th August are the big parties.

To get to San Sebastian you can get there by car and by train or by an airline company. Iberia flies daily to the capital of San Sebastian flying quite cheaply, another alternative is to travel by train or have Renfe with the Alsa bus company that has several departures from different points during the day.

Shell Beach is the main attraction of the city, a beach, as the name suggests, is shaped shell. By a circular walk you can see a beautiful view of the sea while you take a leisurely stroll.

After taking a walk along the sea you can dive deeper into the old town and before enjoying yourself in one of the restaurants in the city you have enjoyed a spit on offer in the city in the many tavernas like The Txepetxa, Goiz Argi or La Cueva among many that you can choose.

Then, once you have done the required tapas and if you feel like eating in a quality restaurant, you should know that in San Sebastian and its surroundings have the best restaurants, places like Arzak Restaurant, a place where you can eat Best avant-garde gastronomy and aquarium restaurant of Mikel SantamarĂ­a perform another master of the world cuisine, where besides eating very well can enjoy the best view of the city.

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