Safaga is an Egyptian city fifty kilometers south of the famous Hurghada. Safaga is less touristy tourism here in recent years. A holiday Safaga is popular with tourists because of the versatility of the city and its surroundings. Unlike most Egyptian coastal towns, there is enough to do nearby, and the city has a shopping center with shopping streets and the most beautiful souvenirs. The beach of Safaga is snow white in color due to the rustic and the coral reef outside the door is still well intact. A holiday in Safaga for all holiday recipients is more than ideal.

Transfer Time

If you enjoy your holiday in Safaga fly to the northern Hurghada. The larger, slightly better familiar Hurghada is located about fifty kilometers from Safaga. Because of the sandy roads the journey takes only an hour.

Center of Safaga

Safaga has a typical Egyptian center filled with markets and bazaars. Especially the markets with fruit, vegetables and fish are interesting to go through. In other shops you can buy the best souvenirs on holiday Safaga and the most interesting local products. The original parts and the tourist zone: The city is actually divided into two parts, namely. However Safaga the shopping center does in the trade rather badly does not adorn luxury.

Beaches Safaga

The sandy beaches of Safaga are of incomparable beauty. You have the feeling that you get from a desert into a beautiful oasis. The beach with its glittering white sand beaches and sun loungers provide you with the tranquility that you are looking for. Less than a kilometer in the sea is a great sandbank, so you all feel like you are in an oasis. Because the water is actually surrounded by nothing but sand, the sea here is very quiet. Consequently, there is another find impressive coral reefs in the sea making the picture complete. Climate and weather in Safaga.


In Safaga do not find great clubs or discos. Now there are many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a glass of wine or a drink of beer. It may be that the all-inclusive hotels and resorts have a place, but that is not guaranteed. For holidaymakers traveling during their vacation to Safaga especially as steps, should go to Hurghada.


Snorkelling and diving
The Red Sea in Safaga is ideal for diving. You can do this by going on your own snorkeling over or between the corals that are out in the sea at Safaga the coastline. Due to the limited number of tourists, the coral reef is only in a good position to discover. This makes it a pleasure to dive in Safaga and swim to the beautifully colored fish. During a dive with a dip you deeper into the sea and you will find special aquatic animals such as dolphins, sharks and sea turtles.


Day trip to Luxor
Luxor is located on the eastern side of the Nile and about 240 kilometers from Safaga. Luxor is a cultural city and famous for the Temple of Luxor in honor of the god Amun and the Valley of the Kings, located in Tutankhamun’s tomb. Due to the distance, it is advisable to create a multi-day excursion with a trip to Luxor.

Day trip to the Pyramids
Who offers the holiday Safaga 2015 will no doubt want the pyramids. When you go to Egypt, which is the first thing on your mind. Since it is Pyramids in Cairo, 500 km north of Safaga, it is advisable to create a multi-day tour of this visit. The pyramids are still in good condition, the Pyramids of Giza and the Pyramids of Dashjoer, 25 kilometers south of Cairo.

Mons Claudianus
Mons Claudianus Only one car west of Safaga at the foot of Mount Jebel Fatira. It is an interesting place, classified between 68 and 282 AD as Roman captivity. The slaves and other prisoners were here kind kwartsdioriet as building materials for buildings in Rome, which still can be seen, collect the black granite. At this point, you can see an unfinished temple, the prison camp, houses and workplaces before, as well as around 1,900 years ago. Maybe in a slightly better condition.

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