How do I know what Portugal can do for you? According to Jose, my guide in the Algarve, there is plenty of peace and space. Sixty he a man of tradition and principles. Portuguese so that you can take in tow and proudly show the splendor of his country. Welcoming, just like his friends, where you always have at least one drink to drink. From Teun & Nancy “Quinta a Borboleta, for example, whose unique and beautiful apartments (in the countryside) you can rent. Let’s talk more about the Portugal vacation.


A few tips for you

Another tip for you: Casa do Moinho. Originally this was typical windmill farm where once lived the whole family. Now it is a unique guest house in the Algarve. Owner Julio Hedonist has received all the details of this Casa. So you can really sleep in a mill. The feeling of a normal hotel or apartment you will not get so fast as you get up in the morning at one of the most beautiful places in the Algarve.

City of Tavira

I actually think Tavira is very cozy. Here is always alive! I would prefer to spend hours along the river, across the bridges, in the market, along the 10 churches where the Rio Gilao meets the ocean.

In the evening I just sit watching them a small and cozy terrace people prefers. Although you still see some tourist walk, the classroom so tension you. And a small bomb slides or friendly.

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