Naples is Italy’s third largest city of size, but always lived in the shadow of the all-powerful Rome. It is a city that invites you to discover many faces during the holidays.

It presents itself as a disordered city, chaotic and fast no rules. They say that tourists in the area just a few days drive through the streets to understand. Any time of the year is good to go on vacation to Naples, but best to avoid July and August, which can reach temperatures around 40 ° C in the winter range between 10 and 20 ° C.

Countless treasures can be witnessed during a visit to this Italian city. A traditional churches, palaces and museums for most municipalities are complemented with first-class historical, world cultural heritage of the Unesco, passages and catacombs, among other attractions.

The five places every tourist near Naples and the museum and the gallery of Capodimonte. Another adventurous option is to take a tour of some of the volcanoes.

It is a lively and tourist city, characterized by fairs, plays, musical and religious events. We can not go to Italy and look at its gastronomy. Especially for the pizzas, among which Marinara, extra Margherita and Margherita, made with buffalo cheese, very typical for this area. In one of its restaurants you can enjoy some of these specialties, which can be accompanied by desserts like Stracciatella or Nocciola, which can be accompanied with hazelnuts. Very typical of this area is also the Neapolitan coffee, as very strong and sweet.

These are some of the reasons that will lead the tourists who enjoy the holiday in Naples.

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