Munich is not only the capital of Bavaria. It is also the second largest city in Germany. Numerous museums, its beer culture, shopping and lively city attract millions of city tourists every year. The daily flights from Brussels and Amsterdam make it very easy to choose Munich as a city destination.

Bavaria was once a rich principality. Stupid witnesses are the historic buildings and great treasures in the three art galleries. You will also find the collection of antique art in Munich’s largest city. It is also the beer town with countless beer gardens (beer gardens) and the famous Oktoberfest. Those who enjoy a unique way to enjoy culinary can do so at the Viktualienmarkt.

In Munich you can relax in the very extensive green zone, the English garden. Or you can hike in the Olympic village and enjoy a huge panorama view on the TV tower. We need you probably will not convince you of the advantages of Munich? We will give you a few good tips to visit, all about beer culture, stopping opportunities and practical information.

Marienplatz: This square is the center of Munich. The meeting place of choice for tourists. From here you can reach the shops and there are beers and gardens within walking distance. But at the Marienplatz itself, there is an interesting attraction: the Glockenspiel (Glockenspiel), on the façade of the town hall. It depends on the New Town Hall (New Town Hall), which also dates back to the 19th century. The Glockenspiel is a glockenspiel with dolls representing a historical event. You can see it in action at 11am. And 12.00, in the evening at 9 pm.

The new town hall is also attached a bell tower. You can buy this 85m. High tower and so enjoy a beautiful view over the old town of Munich. The Münchner Kindl: On top of the tower you can see the city mascot.

Frauenkirche: A few steps from the Marienplatz, the main church and the cathedral of Munich. This 15th-century church has huge dimensions, but that you then said and wrote. If you only traveled in Bavaria and visited the many baroque churches, this church is tart, but nothing to find. You should better use your time to spend a longer visit to the Viktualienmarkt, see our shopping pages.

Residence: North of Marienplatz is the residence. A large building complex built by the Wittelbachers, the family, the Bavarians has brought prosperity. It was rebuilt time and again in the 18th century. After the Second World War, everything rebuilt. This palace of the former rulers today houses several museums and a small theater. A must for every visitor is residence museum with a reconstruction of the living rooms and the Ministry of Finance.


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