Now that summer is approaching, Menorca is one of the most important tourist attractions in Spain for those seeking peace, the mild climate and some of the most beautiful beaches and coves of our country. Replacement in recent years always acclaimed Mallorca in your familiar tourism of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is, however, much more than palyas and turquoise coves, surrounded by pine trees.

Citadel is the noblest of the Minorcan cities. With an air between aristocratic and bohemian, it is wonderful to walk through the old town to reach its charming marina. Its busy squares, so conducive to fishing or an evening beer dinner, we relaxed in its playful and elegant contemplation. This is the Plaza del Borne or Esplanada, both of them so beautiful, so different too.

You should definitely visit the cathedral, the largest gothic building on the island, dating back to the fourteenth century and was built on an ancient mosque. Their city administration, illuminated at night, proud and colonial, competing in beauty with the Castle of St. Nicholas, protecting ciudadadela compliments of a perfect harbor boats.

Approaching Mahon is the capital of the island, taking the pulse of the city of the ancient city walls and one of the most beautiful natural harbors of Spain. A stroll through it makes it a sublime experience, as if you take a little detour to Talatí de Dalt, where we find archaeological remains of great value.

The fishing villages are one of the undisputed attractions of the island. In the north of Fornells we love white row houses around a beautiful bay. Enjoy your Fornells Tower and the Hummersuppe, which is the heritage of this land.

Binibeca, south of Mahon, white covers everything in its narrow streets between the buildings that fill this magical charm and aesthetic space.


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