Sydney Melbourne competes directly with the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Australia. On the shores of Yarra, Melbourne is a city where tourists will find all possible distractions; From surf beaches, trendy restaurants and pubs, art centers or shops to the latest fashion. A number of options for this ultramodern city that never seems to rest.

Begin your visit to the center dela city, very busy area where you can get after getting in and out happy in your circle free tram. Visit Queen Victoria Market, with lots of options for curious visitors and more different bags. Reach the Southbank, next to the river and enjoy in one of the bars and bistros. If you do not stop the game surprisingly in its giant casino.

Relax enjoy modern art in one of the museums the cultural center of Federation Square. If you are going, it will be a great time to enjoy one of the largest and most exciting world botanical gardens. An oasis of nature in the middle of the big city.

Another wonderful option is to hire a kayak trip for the fall of the Yarra River and if that, you were the one of the world when to get to He loves surfing.

The romantic landscapes take over when you approach the Mornigton Peninsula. Here the endless esplanade full of vineyards, they give us a postcard of endless colors also merge with the sea in picturesque villages like Sorrento. Go to the beaches of Ocean Beach to Portsea Back Beach and mute envy here in front of the opulent mansions of Portsea, perched on the cliffs, perhaps envious as yourself.


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