Las Vegas is one of the most popular holiday destinations for those who like to spend the night. In the gambling metropolis, casinos and luxury hotels like pearls are lined up on a chain along the famous “Strip”. Countless attractions and world-famous shows will make your stay in Las Vegas unforgettable.

There is always something going on in Las Vegas

The countless wedding chapels of the city have already made it clear that no place in the world is so often married as in Vegas. Through the uncomplicated laws for the closure in the US state of Nevada, Las Vegas is THE address for spontaneous wedding trips. The hotel selection for the subsequent honeymoon is great – some of the hotels in Vegas represent replicas of famous places all over the world. The Bellagio, which has become world famous through its water show, is particularly popular. Apart from the water fountains of the Bellagio Las Vegas has of course also countless other sights and excursion destinations to offer. In addition to the countless casinos and entertainment, the volcano in front of the Hotel Mirage is a favorite destination for visitors. After dusk, he hurls his “lava” up to 40 meters high every 15 minutes. Not until midnight does the volcano settle again peacefully.

Another attraction and one of the city’s most popular photographs is the Las Vegas Sign. The colorful signboard welcomes visitors to the southern end of the Strip with the inscription “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”.

Also to all shopping fans is in Vegas of course. In countless malls and amusement complexes you can spend your hard earned money after heart. Adventurous (and dizzy-free) visitors will receive the Stratosphere Tower – with its 356 meters it is the tallest freestanding tower in America. From its platform or the rotating restaurant “Top of the World” you have a breathtaking panorama view over the whole city. If that is not yet exciting enough, you can also try out the chain carousel that was installed outside the platform.

Grand Canyon

After some exciting nights, a trip to the nearby Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam can be a nice change. There are beautiful picnic and camping grounds on the so-called Boulder Beach. After approximately 3.5 hours driving time you arrive already to the Grand Canyon, which offers for a day trip optimally. This unique landscape can not be described, you just have to see it. Close by you can experience this imposing natural wonder on the Grad Canyon Skywalk. Through the glass floor of this lookout platform one can look down to the bottom of the canyon. From Las Vegas there are also guided tours to the Skywalk, either by bus or by helicopter.

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