The famous Lake Titicaca, the second largest in South America, and last but not least, the highest navigable lake in the world. 

The history goes under the surface of the lake rich in gold and silver hidden cities, but unable to find. It is also said that live among its waters, mermaids sing sweet and deadly, and a few legends, is not known to exhibit such accuracy.

Beyond all the fables and stories that tell the lake, there are boats and ships of all sorts and size to swing. So there are some boats that are used to navigate on skis, and other herbal miss reed sails as thousands of years ago.

There are a number of hotels with saunas and restaurants where you can easily appreciate the variety of cuisine of Peru and Bolivia, mainly through the dishes of the ceviche and sea trout. At this point a culture and adventure tourism above.

The lake is surrounded by mountains, some of which are covered with a cap, and the waters are some small islands that are just some peaks of the mountains, these islands are the place where, according to legend, the magic of Lake Titicaca passes.

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