Since the discovery Croatia, unfortunately not so long ago, I have fallen in love. Visit Croatia is a very rich experience that gives us many possibilities. As we approach the warm season and we all want beaches, as almost inevitable recommendation: island of Korcula. It is one of those places that, once you do not know why it is no longer widespread. Thanks in part because the charm of the place is preserved.

Korcula Island has some really wonderful beaches, with water clarity is amazing. For this reason, one of the most frequently requested activities is diving. While I am not a specialist, I’ve dived in many places and this leads the list. The underwater world of Korcula is unique. For those who dare not have a boat ride along the coast, the super-pleasant.

A very special highlight is the kitchen. It has the best of the Mediterranean diet, but also excellent Italian cuisine. This includes the famous ice cream are unforgettable. Home plate to be tested or yes, the smokvenjak, a delicious cake.

One problem that often visitors from Croatia, and that is no less, is the language. The Croatian is not easy and not easy to find people who speak other languages. Korcula This is not so. Since there are very many visitors, English, German or Italian is spoken almost everywhere.

The cobblestone streets allow us to go to a picturesque place where we have pleasant surprises at every corner.


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