Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.

And I go to Ibiza I realized that there were a thousand other things to do besides party but I also recognize that finding a top 5 club I would have been very good and I would have saved many rides and taxis. So …. “We get it!



# Pacha: We started with one of the mythical mythical. It is one of the most famous clubs of the island and the oldest. He began his hike in 1973 in a farmhouse (typical Ibizan house for non-contributions). What is it? No matter when you go, it is the only one that is open all year. What you are sure is a VIP, always plump. Admission is between 40 € and 60 € a normal day, more if this is a special holiday this evening. Drink inside either cheap, but hey! A day for a day and go on holiday right? A suggestion: the most famous night not to be missed: “Flower Power”.

# Amnesia: A place to meet. Behind such famous is the first club in Ibiza hiding in the open. I am talking about the year 1970. It is true that this no longer exists, the noise is disturbed the neighbors, but the name is kept. It is always full, and that its capacity is around 5,000 people (the fast or?) Has two rooms and many define it as the best club on the island … Do you want?

# Ushuaïa: It leaves you with open mouth just to see it. I know it is not a very vivid description, but do you all know what the feeling! It is a way of life, a style. Around the island hike you can find a shop where Ushuaïa is the protagonist. Since opening in 2011, is one of the great promises of the island. It is a hotel, but that has nothing to envy to other premises. As defined in the island … “Another concept.” His fame comes essentially from his summer formation. The best DJs were there: David Guetta, Wally Lopez … This year has increased his space including the luxurious Ibiza tower. With the exception of the opening and closing parties, Ushuaïa is open between 3 and 5 pm and closes at midnight, allowing us to enjoy another party while the solo control.

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