Well, this is so fashionable in Beijing because of the Olympics, not far from here in Hong Kong, we can find many activities in a city full of skyscrapers and modern in the style of New York.

Although from Spain there are no direct flights to the city of Hong Kong, if there are several companies like Air France, British Airways or Lutfhansa with interspersion in London, Frankfurt or Paris to come.

Hong Kong Airport, an airport in the safest, by the famous architect Norman Foster, is a little more than thirty kilometers from the city hub of Hong Kong. From Spain you can also rent tours through travel agencies that offer tours around China and Hong up to two weeks after prices between € 2,000 per person.

The most advisable when you make a trip to Hong Kong to visit the Victoria Peak is a mountain from which you can enjoy the magnificent views of the whole city. Another amazing places, is Soho escalator, stairs higher mechanical world.

Hong Kong underline that there are many places to stay and eat with a very wide range from the most expensive to the cheapest websites. The city of Hong Kong is a city in which pure capitalist competition and social differences are the order of the day. A city that keeps the tradition of the East mixed with all things Western.

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