Undoubtedly Hawaii is a dream. Is that this group of islands, which form part of the US not only natural, idyllic landscapes, but also several attractions, special to such tourist demand.

The island group of Hawaii consists of a total of 18 islands, an area of ​​2400 km. Of this large group, it is considered only eight of them as the head. This time we will talk about the island prompt Ohau, the most populous of all parts of Hawaii.

It consists of two volcanoes significant level, separated by a wide valley.
This was one of the islands that James Cook discovered when he landed in the 18th century; Oahu at this time had hit the West.

On the south coast is the beautiful beach of Waikiki, with a great selection of hotels. It offers a combination of white sand, sea, surfing and electronic parties, very hard to beat. Surfers love this beach, as the waves are even nine feet high.

Also at the eastern end we will visit the Kapi’olani Park. This park has extensive zoo, aquarium, stages for shows, sports and leisure activities, among many other options. It was the first public park in all of Hawaii, so it is a must for the visitor.

Currently, according to the statistics, that Oahu receives more than five million tourists a year, which come from as far away as Japan.

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