Dublin may not be that, even the most beautiful in the British Isles more monumental city in Europe, but certainly a magical and lovable aura that will not leave any visitors indifferent.

Perfect representatives of this open and mocking soul who boast the Irish in Dublin will find many attractions that will make our stay a moment of no doubt fun.

A major and reassuring experiences in Dublin, will stroll through one of the countless and eternally green parks. From the park of Sant Patrick, shower carpet next to the amazing cathedral of the same name, through Phoenix Park, the largest park in Europe, which is inside its interior with beautiful lakes and one of the most important zoos in the ancient continent and ending with the charming and collected Merrion Square, a place that appears directly from an apastelada watercolor and where, among other attractions, we enjoy a good picnic next to the statue of Oscar Wilde.

Stroll through its medieval neighborhoods with the artist’s temple is a very soothing ride that no visitor should miss. Reached the halfpenny bridge and admire the silhouette of the main landmarks of the city, full of romance and charm.

For more prosaic affairs, pass Grafton Street’s most famous shopping street, a kind of Oxford Street in smaller dimensions, and if it is to the beer lovers do not miss the Guinness Warehouse, a very educational space to drink the most famous Irish drink; People.

Near the downtown, at one end of Grafton Street, Dublin offers us another example of its constant contrasts. We spent the easier visits between the foaming beer, their greatest center of scholarship, the beautiful brick building, the Trinity College is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the islands and one of the great symbols of these enjoy vital city.

A toast and spreading the foam.

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