UAE, former states of arms rest, form a federation of seven emirates, located on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. In the west is the land of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and southwest of Oman to the east.

The landscape is made of sand and flatland, with the exception of the saline coastal plains and a chain of high mountains to the east, which are an extension of the peninsula Musandam. The weather is hot and dry throughout the year, even if it is damper near the coast.

The city of Dubai was typical of the ancient fisherman and sea pearls along with oil emirate they dug out making this a very luxurious hotel and billions of dollars.

Tourist area because it has a very large luxury hotel chain with very expensive rooms, and full of stories, some have as many as vessels of gold. In one step Emirate, we can estimate the Dubai Creek (channel that divides the city into two parts); Deira is the business side where the big markets live there; The gold souk where there are luxurious stones where someone in exchange for big money can be purchased locally, and finally the Jumeirah neighborhood with houses that gives a special touch more night, and also has one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world.


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