It is a long ridge of corals seven kilometers long, has 200 islands and is characterized by the blend of cultures; In the Caribbean, in the north on Mexico, in the west and south on Guatemala and in the east by the Caribbean Sea. The capital is Belmopan and that the official language is English, also speaks Spanish, English Creole, Maya and Garifuna; It has a subtropical climate and the rainy season from June to August.

The glory of the small Caribbean country is both on their land, and the clear and pure water around them because you know that? They seem to have been designed by nature to give a unique and fascinating view of the sea. It is home to millions of fish and underwater plants, dazzling in its bold colors and great variety, offering an oasis of ecotourism, allowing you to enjoy modern comfort while exploring the everlasting wonders of its jungle, beaches and forests.

If, after reading the description of this beauty, plan a trip, you only have to put in the suitcase: a skirt, a few shirts, mesh, from the shoes and discover the nature in the Caribbean coasts. Ideal to visit the country between November and May, are the driest months and in the summer months are the rainy seasons. In the latter hotel rates are falling, and there is less tourism, any currency can change at all banks accepting the accepted credit cards and US dollars accepted.

Tourism is a good choice for explorers is paradise, is mainly covered by mangroves and palm trees along its shores can snorkel and dive. A number of marine species her home in the Coral Garden (Coral Garden) and Caulker Marine Reserve, where visibility can reach 60 meters. Regarding entry requirements to consider: a valid passport and a return flight ticket, the British or American citizens do not need a visa as people with European nationalities do not need a visa.

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