The Canadian city, the country’s fourth largest, is one that has the greatest natural beauty around the Northern Territory in America. With a population of over one million people on the last census, was chosen as the capital in 1857 by Queen Victoria because it is considered a neutral place meeting between offspring of English and French.

Ottawa is only natural that people who speak both languages ​​and also that most public services are in French and English, making it easier for tourists to adapt to either languages. They are specially arranged green spaces recognized in various parts of the city that have a touch of cleanliness and freshness to print almost all landscapes.

The city itself is a huge technology center and the state sector is occupying the majority of the population, so it is very common to find an excellent organization anywhere in the city, you’ll find halls. Tourism has meanwhile grown at a high level in recent years, at the moment considered as the fastest growing economy in the region.

Among the most famous celebrations that take in Ottawa is remarkable, winter carnival known as Canal Rideau, the celebrations of the Independence Day and the Tulip Festival.

Be noted that small earthquakes are common, each about three or four years in the remote areas.


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