Buenos Aires is much more than a city, Buenos Aires is a feeling that reminds the best of the blues in the Madrid sky are their squares in San Telmo, spiked with couples dancing tango, Dorrego in the retina and the heart. Are cafes, in which milongas improvised between couples who wait for their children, it is the shrunken soul in touch with the improvised companion.

Buenos Aires is the Casa Rosada and Plaza de Mayo with the flags of their mothers, which do not let us forget. Buenos Aires is the Boca search to visit in all directions for bagpipes, the colorful houses and the Bombonera that screams for Pibe, for Palermo, for each of their idols for taxicabs and psychoanalysts.

Buenos Aires is Palermo with its endless parks and gardens of Japanese simple elegance are the trendy shops and cool restaurants in Palermo Hollywood. It is La Cabrera with the best beef in the world, full of nuances and gifts on the plate, confirming all the subjects that are hard to believe.

Buenos Aires are terraces in Las CaƱitas, modern and sophisticated nightclubs, where women are in their heels and types are the pimps of America.

Buenos Aires is its cemetery in Recoleta and elegant houses of rich men, dressed with luxury shops and pride. Buenos Aires are people talking about what is so often robbed, philosophizing between pride, drudgery and lyrical. Buenos Aires is football and pizza in Las Cuartetas on Avenida Corrrientes is the Fugazza with its sublime cheese and onions, it must be remembered that there are places where people just eat and are more modernces.

Buenos Aires is the river plate and the boat trip to Cologne, to Tigre. Buenos Aires is the beautiful Teatro Colon and Sabina Luna Park. Buenos Aires, Galleguitos are uploaded to a group with great eye excitement. Buenos Aires is the place where we have lived but want to live here.



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