Salvador is a metropolis, but most visitors come for the small colonial center, the famous district of Pelourinho. Rituals, music, singing and dancing are an essential part of daily life. Here lies the heart of Brazilian Africa. Ritual capoeira and martial arts such as religious rituals such as the Candomblé rooted in African slavery.

Baroque churches and religious treasures: read – the neighborhood is dotted with shops, restaurants, cafes and historical monuments.

The baroque church of São Francisco was built in 1672 by the Jesuits and is considered to be the most famous religious building in Brazil.

Another attraction is the town of Lacerda elevator, which connects to the city center Pelourinho.
The local cuisine is famous: you can enjoy food both in one of the many restaurants or just on the street where the traditionally dressed, Baianas “the ladies of Bahia in their beautiful colored clothes, selling their homemade eatables.
Unfortunately, you were many visitors already, and that has led to a photo snapshot of the “Baianas, or fight is only after a donation.

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