The independent state of the Bahamas is located in West India. This consists of twenty four islands with the people in each, and there are six hundred who are free and with more than two thousand boulders and rocks. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean and the West is just steps from the United States as it is the city of Florida. And to the south it is Cuba and some islands of the Caribbean.

Previously, was called by the Spaniards as “Lucayans”, the population on the islands of the Bahamas, and the islands were called Lucayas Islands. It is said that the nam Bahamas comes from the deformation of the words ebb, because most of the islands are only at low tide or low sea.

The climate in the Bahamas is tropical and subtropical, which vary by the influence of the waters of the Gulf Stream, especially in winter. Unfortunately, until late autumn islands are attacked by the cyclones, starting from the last days of the summer.

Among the held festivities, there is the New Year, Labor Day, Independence Day, Liberation Day, the Day of Discovery of America, Christmas and Boxing Day. Among the played sports are snorkeling and fishing tournaments, performed through their tournaments, music and dance.


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