Through a diversified landscape, the Bavarian Allgäu is a popular destination for hikers and other sports enthusiasts. You will find the beautiful area in the south of Germany, on the Austrian border, where the highest mountains of the area. Through mountain character, the south of the Allgäu region, in winter are often tied skis. Glooiendere, making the landscape in the north of the region makes it a wonderful backdrop for extended hikes.

Through long-term tourist attraction, this region offers all the possibilities to celebrate a holiday tailored to your needs. Directly from your holiday you take the best things in the Allgäu. The perfectly signposted hiking and cycling trails lead you to castles and palaces, directly from one of our holidays! You get to know a culture that refers to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Mountaineering and water sports will be enjoyed in the surrounding area. Ropeways and chairlifts to get to the top of a mountain. The many crystal-clear lakes offer opportunities for sailing, surfing and water skiing. In addition, golfers, riders and tennis enthusiasts will enjoy their sporting dream.

But also for those who are looking for peace, there are countless possibilities. Who does not know they love these sporting activities, for example, can visit places and a few things to learn about pottery, weaving, wood carving or peasant painting. You can enjoy the ancient culture in one of the many places in this area, where there is an authentic atmosphere. When back in the cozy atmosphere of the holiday, you can enjoy the beautiful evening hours, which offers you the surrounding Allgäu.

Augsburg, a city with an ancient culture where Mozart and his talent has been proven for the first time. Take a tour of the medieval cities such as Dillingen, Donauwörth, Kaufbeuren, Memmingen, Mindelheim and Nördlingen. Visit with the children in Hünburg Legoland. Taste delicious German cheeses in the dairy in Altusried.

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